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MakeSend: 3D Printing for Everyone.

MakeSend3D printing offers limitless potential to those who choose to embrace it. Stifled by patents for over twenty years, the simplest means of 3D printing was out of reach to most – it was too expensive, and too technical. Today, all the barriers are removed and creating any object your mind can conceive is suddenly possible. Although incredibly simple, by comparison to the past, 3D printing still requires some expertise and experience. Which material should you use? Which supplier? How will you design your model? MakeSend is your friend on this journey. Our team of Makers allow you to turn any idea that you have in your head, be it words, a sketch, or a broken part that you'd like replaced, into reality by simply submitting it to us on We'll talk with you, understand your needs, design your idea, then print it to your specifications and ship it to you.

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TXT TAG: Send Messages via License Plates

TXT TAGIf you live in Gainesville, you've been towed. Walking to your spot and discovering no car gets you quickly wondering whether it's been towed, or stolen. You then track down the roam towing sign, call for the address and pick up your car.

It doesn't have to be this way.

TXT TAG is a free service which allows anyone to message others via license plate numbers. It's simple. If you message a tag that we don't already have, we save the message for later. Messages for any tag can be checked publicly right here, or you can claim your tag to receive instant email notifications. We cover your back by checking similar-looking tags, and allow completely anonymous sending and checking. Questions? Read the FAQ. It's free, and fun to use!

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Totally Bananas

Totally Bananas!Since 2012, GOOD Inc. has made Totally Bananas frozen chocolate-covered banana treats available in Gainesville, FL. These delicious desserts come in four varieties: plain, sprinkles, peanut or coconut.

In Gainesville, they're available near you at Ward's Supermarket, Larry's Giant Subs in Midtown, Satchel's Pizza or several convenience stores throughout the city. You may purchase them directly from us individually, by the case, in bulk, or by setting up an account for your establishment.

To Gainesville business owners, we offer a freezer to hold our product, POS materials, and we stock the product ourselves. They are individually packaged and come in cases for 24 for $48 wholesale or $60 retail. Single servings usually sell for $3 to $4 each in restaurants or convenience stores. Contact us for special pricing. Don't be shy – ask us for a sample.

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Blank Slate

Blank Slate by Chuck PhetersonBlank Slate is GOOD Inc.'s first eBook publishing project, and the author is none other than the CEO's father, Chuck Pheterson. The book is available at all major eBook stores.

An eccentric billionaire with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease funds a clandestine group of stem cell researchers to find a cure. They produce a drug with a serious side effect: the patient’s brain, though cured, is turned to a blank slate. Personality, knowledge, memories, language, and abilities are restored to an embryonic state. An enterprising product marketing executive, determined to find a market for this unusual drug, had an idea. The twisted minds of sociopathic criminals could be wiped clean, saving society billions of dollars in incarceration and failed attempts at rehabilitation. To test the drug’s effectiveness, the billionaire enacts a plot to kidnap a murderer from death row. After treatment, a new identity, and years of nurturing, this ex-murderer, unaware of his prior life, becomes a loving and productive member of society. If the truth of his past came to light, would mankind be willing to forgive him and embrace the person that he has become?

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Two Geeks Computers

Two Geeks ComputersLong ago, before dreams of GOOD Inc, the two primary founders, Eric & Frank, realized they worked well together as a team, and were especially keen at offering a wide range of computer services. In the lucrative South Florida market, with lots of small businesses and elder folk, they found ample opportunities to shine, polish their skill, and prosper. Having met at their magnet high school, and later on choosing the same major, Networking, the bond got tighter, and their combined skill sets only increased.

The two geeks chose to get legit, and made their little business an official LLC. Perhaps their success can be accredited to not having a store front, and only offering house calls. Such service is akin to the earlier days of doctors visiting sick patients at home; people didn't want to disconnect their computers and leave them at the shop. Two Geeks Computer Repair & Services lives on, both in South Florida and Gainesville, offering pick-up and in-home computer services at a competitive rate of $60/hour.

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